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Welcome to the home of artist, yogi, and photographer Lorijo Daniels. Graduating with a BFA in art from Wells College, Lorijo has been praciting as a professional photographer for over 20 years and making art for most of her life. Driven to explore the world around her, Lorijo has cultivated a career that is as unique, as it is varied. She has taught theraputic yoga to war veterans at Cedar Hills Hospital and Albertina Kerr, mentored photography students for over almost a decade, created a handful of art installations, and she's continually exploring new artisitic mediums in her spare time. In her studio, Red Boots Studio, she has developed multiple unique artist workshops, built a darkroom, and for the first time she is opening her studio space to the community! Scroll down to learn more about Lorijo's photography services, teaching, and all that you can create and imagine at Red Boots Studio.


The Photography Mentoring Program

"Every student see's through a different lens, and art can be found in the
most ordinary places."

The common starting point for most students interested in photography is in the classroom. Middle school or high school photography classes can teach students the fundamentals and give them access to some great resources. However, for those students that are wanting to expand their knowledge, pursue their creativite ideas within photography, explore different photo devolepment processes, and gain access to a wide range of resources, including digital and film cameras, underwater cameras, and more, look no further than Lorijo's Mentorship Program.

With a tailored appoach to teaching, Lorijo seeks to customize her lesson plans and teaching to each student's interest's and passions. 

Digital, Film, or Both!

After Lorijo has assesed the skill level and interests of her students, she begins to create custom lesson plans that teach the fundamentals, while tailoring to each students interests within photography. Students are given the opportunity to shoot film, digital, or both. If students don't have a camera or film, no need to stress, Lorijo will provide all the neccesary equipment needed to complete each lesson plan. As for those interested in other photo development processes, such as tintype or sanotype, make sure to request more information either in your email to Lorijo or in person during your first session.

In the Studio OR OUT IN Field

The homebase for the mentorship program is at  Lorijo's studio, Red Boots Studio, located in Northwest Portland. Fitted with a darkroom, a variety of cameras, and plenty of workspace, Red Boots Studio is home room for all students. However, Lorijo's classroom extends far beyond the walls of her studio. Students can expect to shoot in a variety of locations and with a variety of subjects. The schedule and location for each lesson plan is designed to cater to each students schedule and interests. All film and photo development processes will be done at Red Boots Studio.

Red Boots Studio

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Bohemian Botanical Prints

Create a one of a kind piece of art in this two-day workshop, where we will go hiking in search of botanical treasures bring them all back to the studio and press them in an accordion rag paper book, that we also make and then flatten overnight. 

Day two we come back to the studio and dip our books in iron water and then steam them for 30-45 minutes to let the botanical magic imprint onto the paper.

These unique pieces would make a great valentine for a friend or loved one. 

$99 for this two-day workshop, all materials included. February 8th, 10-2 and February 9th,  11-3.

Artsy Happy hour

Come create art Wednesdays from 5-8pm at Red Boots Studio! This happy hour art session will include wine of course, if you'd like. Find your creative compass and explore different modalities that inspire you.

There will be a different theme each week, buy a monthly pass for $85 or drop in for $33.


Creativity Couch

Explore meditation, visualization, and yogic body movement, with writing prompts in a journal created during this class.

Taught weekly or as a special group class upon request for that special someone's birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party, graduation, or just for fun.

$48, discounts when booked as a group.

40-day Soul & Image photo journey

Explore meditation, visualization, and yogic body movement, with writing prompts in a journal created during this class.

Taught weekly or as a special group class upon request for that special someone's birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party, graduation, or just for fun.

$48, discounts when booked as a group.


Nature art therapy

Draw out your soul with the Deborah Koff Chapin method, "Touch Drawing" using imagery taken from nature and time spent close to the earth.

This Is a therapeutic art class that can be a one-off or done weekly as a soul-soothing artistic expression of mind-body spirit. 

$ 2-hour sessions $40, there is a discount if you book weekly for one month at a time.

Create a cigar box altar

Bring your treasured objects to this workshop and create an altar in a cigar box that can travel with you and sit in reverence as a place holder for meditation and prayer.

This workshop is a great journey into assemblage art with personal objects and collage. A great way to begin 2020.  Put your prayers, dreams and goals into an Altar.

Materials included, but feel free to bring those sacred treasures.

December 31st 2019, 10-2pm / January 1st, 2020 1-5pm (CAP IS EIGHT PEOPLE)

$75 – choose either day

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Red Boots Studio darkroom community

Pay a monthly fee to use the darkroom. 

All chemicals and equipment provided, just bring printing paper and film and or negatives. 

Hours will vary according to individual availability.

Monthly membership $125.00

Special project use available upon request.

I picked up a camera when I was seven years old and started photographing my animal menagerie. I was in love with photography and art from then on, capturing moments, spirit and essence.

I attended Wells College in upstate New York where I majored in Art and sculpture. Even though I graduated in 1993 with a BFA and an Education minor, my own curiosity to continue learning has not ended.  I've taken a degree's worth of photography classes at PNCA, OCAC, and different Photography workshops and collaborative darkrooms.

For me, Art is a way to touch the deeper realms of my soul and share it with those I teach and mentor.
 I have had many Art exhibits of my work over the past twenty years, And I continue to pursue new themes to stretch my abilities and imagination.

I love working with people who are inspired by art and beauty. For me, Art is a way to capture a moment, a feeling and experience the magic that exists when you create.